More About Me


As one of the state’s top enterprise journalists, Holly O’Driscoll was the ‘eyes of the region’s real estate’. For more than 15 years, she covered the ebb and flow of the market in northern Nevada where she unearthed trends of the business through her investigative and intuitive skills that she now shares with clients throughout the west. Today, Holly fuses these analytical traits with social media and marketing skills to discover the perfect match for buyers and sellers alike.

Whether they seek a custom home, a horse property, a gated community or condominium, Holly’s clients benefit from her the ‘seek and discover’ process that offers the right direction and ends with the right solution. “A home is both a launching pad and a sanctuary. I listen to my clients, work with their priorities – and provide the resources they deserve.”

As one who has reported on and photographed over 2000 homes, and covered the fields of business, education and tourism, no one has a more comprehensive understanding of the region’s economic condition and diverse communities. Collectively, Holly is an achiever, prominent community leader and champion of good times with family and friends in the great outdoors. Always one to make a difference for all the right reasons, Holly looks forward to helping you make the right decision through Chase International’s Reno office.